Green Jobs

Green Jobs are those that address environmental preservation actions through sustainable production and marketing models and, fundamentally, generate decent work and social inclusion.

At the local level, productive initiatives that strengthen regional initiatives are also considered to be of value.

The ILO (2017) indicates that green jobs are considered to be those generated within the framework of a green or transition economy, integrating economic, social and environmental dimensions. In this sense, there is currently a strong global trend towards the development of low-carbon economies and communities resilient to climate change.

This transition is characterised by increased efficiency in the use of energy, water and raw materials, and a reduction in waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions.

In this way, the green jobs sector is directly linked to the strategies and policies for the decarbonisation of the economy, seeking to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and contributing to the progress towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

ALPA Climate Solutions offers advice on the development of programmes linked to the creation of green jobs, strengthening business, institutional and entrepreneurial initiatives through the detection of emerging scenarios and activities with potential for a green and just transition.                                       

ALPA Climate Solutions works with public and private institutions in a process whose ultimate goal is the collaborative design of public policies, training instruments, incentives and action plans for strategic development around the strengthening of green economies, sustainable employment and social inclusion.

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